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Construction Law

Wachtel Biehn and Malm has represented home and commercial building owners, architects/engineers, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. The Firm provides a balanced approach to construction conflicts. If you have hired a contractor or individual to perform some type of construction or improvement and are not happy with the result there are remedies available. Jay Bidwell has handled several cases dealing with licensed contractors and unlicensed individuals operating a business. This process can become complex and over burdening because it deals with Administrative, Criminal and Civil law.

Jay Bidwell will review the contract or agreement and any relevant documents. Then, he will be able to inform you of all the possible options you have. WBM has handled several Registrar of Contractors (ROC) disputes. WBM first mission is to do what is best for the client. Sometimes this may include settling the lawsuit during negotiations instead of filing a complaint with the ROC, informing the police department or filing a lawsuit. However, WBM has extensive litigation experience and is prepared to begin litigation if all other options are “off the table”.

Arizona state law requires any person performing construction work in Arizona to be a licensed contractor, unless the work falls under the Handyman exception. The State of Arizona law specifically states, any person performing a job over $1,000 will be required to possess an Arizona contractor license through the ROC. You should be aware it is a criminal offence to actively engage in any construction activity over $1,000. The ROC has the power to revoke a contractor’s license and make orders of restitution. It is imperative to have an experienced attorney who can articulate your case in a clear and concise manner.

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